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You may have noticed some changes along Main Street in the past 12 months. We have been working with the City of Stirling and the local community to bring some improvements to the strip, with more upgrades to come. At this stage, we’re focusing our efforts on the area between Eldorado and Cape Streets, with most of the activity concentrated on the main cafe/retail strip between Eldorado and Federal Streets.

Main_Street_Urban_Design_Strategy-1 (dragged)

Urban Design

The City of Stirling has prepared a draft urban design strategy for Main Street, which will be advertised from 4 June. You can check out all the details at


Community Consultation

Between September and October 2017 we put out a community survey to better understand the needs and wants of the community. The findings of the survey will help us develop a vision and strategy for activating Main Street. Read the report.

Public art mural

Public Art Murals

A number of vacant walls along Main Street provided the perfect canvas for vibrant street art pieces by Perth artists including Brenton See, Steven Buckles and Rebecca Cool. These art pieces have added some much needed colour to the strip and reflect the history and culture of Main Street and the Osborne Park area.

Branding and signage

Branding and Signage

Our new Main Street brand reflects the area’s identity as a welcoming village hub and destination for food, wine, entertainment and shopping, while also referencing our vision of breathing new life into Main Street. The new signs can be seen at the entry points to the main cafe/retail strip at around Eldorado Street to the north and Federal Street to the south.

Slowing down traffic

40km/h speed zone

A 40km/h speed limit zone along Main Street is now in place. This is an important first step towards making the area more pedestrian friendly and reducing traffic speeds through the Main Street precinct.

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